Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Girls Day

I do LOVE it that Rosie and I get to spend time together while Nicolas is at school. The time is all about her and what she wants to do. She's pretty creative and we laugh so much. My girlfriend Deborah came over and we played with make up, Rosie too! She loves lip gloss and make up brushes. Shortly after Deborah left she got into the blush - can you see how red her cheeks are?! This bandana is a staple in the kids playroom and she likes to wear it - So here she is red cheeks and all.
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

One more Christmas picture

Here's a picture of Nicolas and my Dad at Christmas time, both are sporting (Nicolas calls his facial expression, his game face) the new Cleveland Browns gear they got - I know Cleveland stinks.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nap time

I'm at the awkward stage with Rosie where you ask yourself "to nap or not to nap." She's tired, a bit fussy and needs a nap, but is it worth it?? This is what she does to her room...every time - destroys it. Everything is out of the drawers, toybox and what she can reach in her closet is ripped down. This particular day she must have worn herself out, she did end up napping and when I walked in her room she had her hot pink undies on her head!
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Ballerina girl....

Rosie went to her first dance class last night. I have to admit I was so excited to buy her ballet slippers, tap shoes and a "pink" bodysuit. I think this is every mother's dream!! Oh, it was so sweet and she LOVED it! She followed the instructor (I was shocked) and did great!
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and a proud brother.

Nicolas was so excited for Rosie to go to dance class. He kept commenting her on her "pink" ballerina outfit and "pink" ballet slippers. He loved watching her and kept saying "mom look at her, she's the best!" and "she's doing it so good" - he gave her a BIG squeeze when she came out and said "you're so cute Rose"
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thrifty Shopper

For those of you that are local, I just got a really awesome deal at Palmer Food Service. 40lb. of chicken breast (large, boneless & skinless) for $55.20 - yes, that's 1.38 a pound. I bagged & froze 45 breasts. I bought them from the wholesale side of Palmers # 424-3210.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ooooh is my favorite color

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My love

I have been feeling so awful the last two days, sore throat and a cough that's killing my chest. Bob has been taking care of the kids, the house...just about everything that comes up. Today... sadly... he went back to work. So sad for me because I do love to have him home giving me attention. After work, which was a short day, he brought me these beautiful roses and 3 mushroom soup from none other than Wegmans. What a treat for me!! I'm a lucky girl, even when I have hair that hasn't been washed since (smelly & gross) Saturday, haven't showered since Sunday and haven't brushed my teeth...oh yes I did, I did brush my teeth!! I love you honey!
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Fun Times

My Mom came to visit us this past weekend, we love to have her...especially the kids. They call her "Peanut" kinda funny, since my mom is 5'11 or so. We went to the Strong Museum and spent 4 hours there, it was a blast! Rosie loved it so much, she's totally into crafting, she and Peanut spent a 1/2 hour or so making crowns and cutting paper. We really enjoyed ourselves and neither of us could believe that we had spent 4 hours there, time flew by!
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Goodbye Elder Gilbert...

This was a sad day for us, after serving the Lord for 2 years Elder Tyler Gilbert was released from his mission and on his way back to Idaho. We feed the missionaries quite often and every once and a while there are a few special ones that we become attached to... he was one of them. He has a great LOVE for the gospel and brought that LOVE with him when he entered our home. We sent him off with a dinner of his choice and he left happy and loved. He will be missed by us, especially Nicolas.
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Monday, January 14, 2008

This is a little gross....Ear Candles!

Has anyone ever heard of ear candles?? It's totally old school, and I don't mean the 80's! My inlaw's are both from PA, so I don't know if this is something exclusive to PA or not, I haven't done any research. My mother in law says she can remember her family using them when she was a girl and her uncle making these out of gauze and then dipping in wax...hummmm. Bob had seen them used before but had never had it done. He asked his mom and I was totally interested in seeing this done. Bob went first, that's the wax from his left ear on the bottom left of the picture...can you believe it??!! WOWIE!! Monkey see monkey do, I went results are on the bottom right, that's from both of my ears. I could actually hear better, I don't know if it's good to do, but it sure was fun!
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The Pasta Machine

One thing that Rosie loves is PASTA! These are pictures of her stuffing her face full of pasta at Grandma's house.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More fun pics

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Fun in the tub!

Our children LOVE to take baths. But it's always more fun at grandma's house, Bob's dad always has so much fun with the kids. Nicolas was in the tub and along came Rosie, she & Pappy were playing with Nicolas outside of the tub and she wanted in. She decided to take her own (wet) socks off and join him.
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more pics..

Here's a few more of Bob's grandparents and parents. Bob's grandparents moved from PA to OH this past summer. They actually bought our old home and now live across the street from Bob's parents. His grandmother Rose (ironic..huh? she's full bloded Italian, just the same as my Gram) is CRAZY!! She LOVES to get down and dirty with the kids. She turns into a child herself and just gets lost in our children, it's great. We are so blessed to have our Grandparents, and I know that we made this Christmas a special one for them.
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Christmas at The Snedeker's

After my parents house, we spent two days at my in-law's. Nicolas ripped thru his presents just as fast as he did at my mom's. He LOVEs the Buffalo Bills and hence..he did get a BB football outfit. He wore it the whole day. Rosie got princess and Dora stuff! Needless to say we had a carfull to bring home. We had to buy a turtle to put on the roof so we could bring most of everything home.
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My Grandmother Rose

This is a picture of my Grandmother Rose, yes this is the Rose that my Rose is named after. They are both Rose Marie. The kids call her GiGi. I was raised by my grandparents after my parents divorced and until my mother was finished with school and could provide a stable home for me. My grandfather died in Sept. of 95, I was in Saudi Arabia and I literally fell apart. I love my grandmother so much and have lived my life to make her proud of me, she is my heart. At the age of79 she watched Nicolas (who was 3 months) 5 days a week so I could go back to college, she watched him until he was 15 months old.

When we moved to NY Nicolas was2 years old, he would call my Grandmother and sing to her "Gi Gi Da" over and over. I have been blessed with the relationship that they have. He adores her as much as I do and he loves her so.
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A fun little Christmas Party

My Stepdad belongs to The Elks Club, every year they have a Christmas party so he signed the kids up to go. It was reallyfun! There was a pancake breakfast, Santa came out and each child recieved a gift ( a nice one too!-Iwas inpressed) and then a Christmas Story was read. It was great because my Grandma came as well and she loved seeing the kids interact with Santa and the other children.
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Speedy Gonzales

Nicolas opened his presents so fast that Bob & I didn't get to see the goods till he was done and we could go thru the pile that was at my folks house.
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Rosie's Dora Christmas!

We stayed at my parents house for our first two days in Ohio. The kids woke up and lo and behold SANTA CAME!! For Rosie it was all about Dora, Dora, Dora! My mom bought this 3 ft. Dora, she's a big as Rose. Dora wears a 4T, has shoes you can take on and off, talks and you can brush her hair. When we drove home to NY Dora sat inbetween both kids, it was a little scary for Bob looking in the rearview mirror and seeing Dora's extremely large E.T. head.
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Decking the hall's...

I haven't blogged in what seems to be...forever. I'll be posting a few so be sure to check them all out!!

Here's the Snedeker Family decking the halls. Nicolas and Rose were so helpful this year, it was so fun! We didn't drag everything out because we weren't going to be here for Xmas, so we just put the tree up and the nativity. I've finally come to the "sad" realization that my "theme tree" will no longer be...Nick and Rose are both totally infatuated with character ornaments. I told Bob that next year we're going to put up another tree so I can have my copper, chocolate and ivory theme tree. Sadly, I'll be putting that one up on my own, Bob said I'm crazy.
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