Monday, April 20, 2009

Send your hubby to this site!

Ladies! Mother's Day is just around the corner, this awesome necklace is made of fine oxidized silver. My girlfriend Laura is a local artisan, she's amazing and very creative. You (or your husband - tell him to get creative!!) can custom order your's here!! It would be a great gift!! If you want her phone number, call me.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally...a loose tooth!!

Oh how he's been waiting for this day!!!
A few months back Nicolas came home and asked "why am I the only one in my class that hasn't lost a tooth yet? Everyone else has and they have BIG teeth Mom."

My response "consider yourself lucky Nick, it just means that it's less time that you'll have to go walking around with teeth looking bigger than the rest of your face!"
He was so excited to have a loose tooth, that is...until he started to eat breakfast, then it turned into whining. It was rough for a few days.In this picture above, he's got a bit of a crooked smile, he told me that "my tooth is bothering me and I can't smile right!"
he's use to the loose tooth now, and had no problem eating about a dozen sugar cookies as he decorated them. We're still waiting for it to come out...

Since he's our first, I need to get some feedback on the whole tooth fairy thing. What do you do? Traditions? Any ideas?
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Rosie...why do you torture me so?

Every time Rosie is outside, she comes in filthy. She's ruined more clothes than I can count, as well as shoes. There's just some dirt that won't come out in the wash. I've tried just about everything on the shelf. Anyone out there have something that works?
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Happy 1st Easter Sophia!

Her 1st Easter was simple and sweet....LOVE the life of a baby. But, I couldn't let this dress and sweater get away...thank goodness for employee discounts at Janie and Jack!
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a new sister to love...

Here's Sophie's baby announcement, Rebecca designed this especially for us, she's a talented one I tell ya! About Rebecca, she's in the Penn Yan Branch, use to be in the Fairport Ward, that's where we met (I LOVE her!) she's a professional photographer, if you've been in my house you'll see her work on every wall. Here's her site.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simply. Lovely.

A dear friend of mine took these pictures (and many more) as a gift for us, here's just a few of my favorites. I LOVE any pictures of a mother with her child. It's quite simply beautiful.
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